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Hi! We are David and Amanda Taylor and we have been married since 2008. We wish we could say that we have enjoyed a happy and fruitful marriage since then but that would be false. Actually the opposite has been true. After a quick and happy beginning, our marriage had gotten so bad that we were literally on the brink of divorce. So close to divorce that David had gone apartment shopping and we were discussing which dog we would take (we have two dogs who virtually grew up together).

The problems that we struggled with early on in our marriage actually originated long before we were even aware of them. They actually originated while we were “head over heels” in love with each other…you know, that cloud 9 feeling. Instead of planning for our marriage to succeed…we just expected it to do so. Instead of planning for marital obstacles, we convinced ourselves that we could learn from the mistakes of our parents…that we were too much in love to let our marriage get off course. For more juicy details regarding our early marital failures listen here (episode 20).

Yea, well hindsight is 20/20 and what we didn’t do then is what we help others do now. After incorporating some creative and often overlooked techniques into our marriage, we were able to repair our seemingly irreparable marriage. But let’s not discount the fact that the positive ending to our marital discord is not representative of the normal trend for most marriages. As a matter of fact…50% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 75% of third marriages end in divorce.

So for many of you contemplating divorce…your relief from your spouse will serve as an even greater distraction than staying with them. Growing up we learned this all-too-real truth. Consider our family statistics: together, our parents have had a combined 16 WEDDING CEREMONIES!!! And please know that this stat is not to diminish our parents. Actually they have been very instrumental in helping us succeed on our journey and have taught us many of our biggest life lessons…and they are our biggest fans!

So what we really saying? We are saying that having a strong fruitful marriage where joy, peace and love are all intimate components is less about love and more about knowledge. Marriages are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. No one teaches marriage…no one teaches you how to love properly. We believe that it is the knowledge of how to be married that holds the foundation of the family together. We believe that if we can heal marriages…we can literally change the world.

Okay…that may sound cheesy to you but in your gut you know that it is true. Marriage (especially in our world today) has been devalued and wrongly defined. Marriage no longer is held as a sacred institution and thus it is only minimally protected. You have to be tested to get a drivers license or to practice medicine but you don’t have to be tested to get a marriage license. Something is wrong with that picture!

Through our faith in God, and our desire to literally break the back of divorce…we position ourselves on the front line of offense (not defense) to help preserve marriage. Mastering Marriage is not a reactive attempt at salvaging marriage…it is a proactive attempt at preventing divorce. Just like we had to fight to strengthen our damaged marriage…we do the same thing for your marriage.

Whether you are a newly wed just coming off of your honeymoon or a marriage veteran with 25 years in the game…our primary focus is destroying divorce by strengthening, uniting and restoring marriages.

Welcome to our site and into our family!  David & Amanda Taylor

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